Chef Jack Hotchkin

Jack D. Hotchkin, currently a sous chef at the SoHo House West Hollywood, was raised in Newton, Iowa, where his exposure to the culinary industry began at a very early age. Jack’s mother, who worked as a baker, would take him with her to work, where Jack observed the energy and the intricacies of a functioning kitchen. He couldn’t wait to start working alongside his mother, and became a short order line cook at the age of 16.  Jack didn’t just like it, he loved it, and his professional career was born.


After three years, Jack relocated to the Quad Cities to start a new food adventure at Ripples, a steakhouse located in a Holiday Inn. It was at Ripples that Jack first got a taste of the freedom to create his own dishes and to design food profiles. After impressing the chef with his passion and innovation, Jack was promoted to lead line cook at the River City Beefstro, located at the Iowa City Holiday Inn.


Jack’s desire to gain more experience and challenge himself lead him to take a second job at a well-known Italian restaurant, Mondo’s.  At Mondo’s, Jack was taken under the wing of Chef Bryan Herzic, executive chef of the Jim Mondanaro restaurant group. Jack flourished under Chef Herzic’s tutelage, and he became a sous chef at two restaurants in the Mondanaro restaurant group concurrently.


After six years working under Chef Herzic, Jack decided that it was time to take the next step in his culinary career and move to Los Angeles, home to Michelin starred restaurants and an endless variety of authentic ethnic cuisines.  Upon arriving in Los Angeles in 2010, Jack began working under Chef Carolyn Spence at the Chateau Marmont while pursuing his associate degree in culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu International.  Jack quickly climbed the ladder and worked his way from line cook to sous chef at the Bar Marmont within six months.  Jack’s cooking and management skills evolved to the point that he became the chef de cuisine at Bar Marmont in 2012.


Feeling like he had learned all that he could at Bar Marmont, Jack saw an opportunity to gain a new perspective and experience a higher-volume atmosphere at the Soho House West Hollywood.  As a sous chef there, he continues to assist in recipe development and to set high standards with his new dishes.


Outside of creating culinary masterpieces, 32-year-old Jack enjoys spending time with wife SueAnn, and his Siberian husky, Marley.

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